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Dad Finds Mold In Child's Capri Sun Pouch

October 9th, 2018

Many of us grew up on juice boxes. Parents give their kids juice boxes without thinking twice.

But one father from Indiana is warning other parents that they should.

Cameron Hardwick claims that he found mold inside of a Capri Sun juice pack. It happened one night when his 3-year-old asked for some juice after dinner.

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Capri Sun Source: Capri Sun

Cameron went to the fridge to grab a Capri Sun as a treat since his child did such a good job eating dinner.

But Cameron noticed that something just wasn’t right with the juice container.

He noticed that the container wasn’t as full as a normal juice box. So, he shook up the juice box. He didn’t notice any holes in it.

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Cameron Hardwick Source: Cameron Hardwick

But when he squeezed some juice out into a glass, he found that there was something odd floating around in the juice.

He later learned that it was mold.

The father said that he was “irate.” He posted photos and a video of the moldy juice packet on Facebook to warn other parents about mold in Capri Sun.

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Cameron Hardwick Source: Cameron Hardwick

That Facebook posted ended up going viral and was shared 84,000 times.

“**Public Service Announcement!** Friends & family please read & share! So tonight after dinner our oldest asked for some ‘juice’ (Capri Sun) as a treat for eating good, I grabbed one out of the refrigerator and notice something odd about it… it seems low in content, I take a closer look at the packaging and don’t notice a hole or anything. So I shake it up some, only to find an unknown substance floating around in the package. To say we are irate would be an understatement… we don’t give these to our children often but will NEVER again! #SERIOUSLY#CapriSun,” Cameron said on Facebook.

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Cameron Hardwick Source: Cameron Hardwick

According to NBC4i, the Kraft Heinz Company, which owns Capri Sun, reached out to Cameron after their heard about his video.

Cameron told Fox 5 that the Kraft Heinz Company visited him to take a sample of the juice box.

He said that a “third party company came to the house to pick up the ‘sample’ and package the following day, then sent it to a lab for testing.”

Posted by Cameron Hardwick on Monday, September 24, 2018

“They came back with the results a few days later and said there was a ‘micro-puncture’ in the package allowing oxygen to enter the pouch and create the mold seen in the video and pictures.”

Cameron said that he finds this to be completely “unacceptable” and that he’s heard about mold in Capri Sun pouches before. He was surprised that it was still going on.

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Capri Sun Source: Capri Sun

Capri Sun admits on their website that they’ve had reports of mold.

“It’s a common, naturally occurring food mold. Although it’s rare, it is possible for food mold to grow inside containers of preservative-free juice drinks if the pouch is compromised or punctured in any way on its journey from our facilities to your grocery stores,” their website says.

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Kraft Foods Source: Kraft Foods

“We care deeply about this issue and about the well-being of our moms, dads, and kids. That’s why we have invested millions of dollars in our packaging, quality, and manufacturing processes to make our pouches even stronger and more resistant to air leaks.”

The company’s website further states that mold is “unlikely to make you or your child sick” and can occur in drinks free of artificial preservatives.

Capri Sun likened the mold to mold that would grow on food or an apple. The United States Department of Agriculture and Food Safety says that some molds can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

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”Sabrin Source: ”Sabrin

The company recommends that parents gently squeeze each pouch to check for leads before serving it to your children and that any pouches with holes should be thrown out.

They also refer parents to their clean bottom pouches which allow parents to check for mold before drinking their juice.

The company says they are work on making packaging more durable and less susceptible to leads. You can see Cameron’s original post below.

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**Public Service Announcement!** Friends & family please read & share! So tonight after dinner our oldest asked for some…

Posted by Cameron Hardwick onMonday, September 24, 2018

Source: Cameron Hardwick