Mom tired of postpartum body shaming shares powerful message
There are apparently still people out there who haven't figured this out. "My body is not your body."
D.G. Sciortino

Imagine having such little to do with your life that you have the time to give a crap about what another human being’s body looks like.

Imagine having that kind of time on your hands where you would go out of your way to comment on someone’s life that has absolutely nothing to do with yours.

Must be nice to have that kind of free time, but it’s likely that most of us wouldn’t spend it on the internet going out of our way to emotionally injure someone on purpose.

Unfortunately, these attitudes exist.


But apparently, there are people that do and that is the reality of the internet.

Or is it?

We know that the internet, especially social media, isn’t reality at all. People only show their picture-perfect moments that are often doctored with filters and don’t show an accurate slice of our lives.

But what about the commenters?

Well, there could very well be some angry person behind that rude comment on someone’s internet post, but it’s even more likely that it’s just a bot, an AI program to troll a distinct target or subject on the internet.


So, before you get offended ask yourself if you’re willing to let a robot upset you or affect you negatively in any way.

Bots aren’t the only ones, either.

Kenia, a mother of two, says it’s other mothers who have made comments about her body.

And that bothers her. When asked what questions she hates being asked the most on TikTok, she said it was about her postpartum stomach.

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After having two kids, her stomach was left wrinkly and sagging from excess skin, along with some stretch marks.


OK… so what?

Apparently, some mothers have never seen a postpartum belly and are all perfect specimens of the human body.

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Good for them, but why are they asking Kenia about hers like it’s something bizarre or not normal after having children which it totally is?

Kenia quoted some direct quotes she got from moms who said: “Why does your stomach look like that? ” and “Mine doesn’t look like that. That didn’t happen to me.”


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It really upset Kenia.

She doesn’t understand why other women shame other women.

Why would we perpetuate a system of self-hate that’s constructed to demoralize women and take away their strength and self of self-worth?


Why would we want to keep pretending there is some level of perfection to attain when there isn’t?

Why are we all pretending we are flawed when we know that all bodies are different?

We are as individual as snowflakes.

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“I am not you. You are not me. My body is not your body… I didn’t snap back like you did, and that’s OK,” she says. “I just don’t understand why other moms go after other moms when you guys know exactly what the f*** we’ve been through.”


Since some of you seem bothered by scars, I’ll show it off even more 😘💖#stretchmarks #postpartumbody #bodypositivity

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Kenia isn’t having it and is on a mission to normalize stretch marks and postpartum bodies. She regularly displays her midriff and proudly displays her stomach.

Life is complicated enough without other women repressing other women.

It’s time to love and respect ourselves and each other by saying no to the pursuit of the illusion of perfection.

It’s time to just enjoy each other as we are.

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By D.G. Sciortino
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