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Little Girl Gets Deadly Infection After Trying On Shoes

September 13th, 2018

Who would’ve thought that trying on some new shoes could do so much harm? Jodie Thomas from South Wales, UK, recently went shopping with her 4-year-old daughter Sienna for some new shoes, but that shopping trip quickly ended up turning into a nightmare.

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Jodie Thomas Source: Jodie Thomas

The weather was great and Sienna was wearing sandals barefoot. She tried out a couple of different pairs of shoes in the store and both herself and Jodie had no idea that something was wrong.

While trying out a couple of pairs, Sienna was infected with severe bacteria.

The day after they went shopping, the four-year-old girl was in extreme and constant pain. She was constantly crying and Jodie immediately took her to the hospital.

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Jodie Thomas Source: Jodie Thomas

A doctor quickly realized that Sienna’s foot was infected, and the infection had already spread across her body.

“By the next day it had spread up her leg and her temperature was raging,” the mother of three told The Sun.

“I drove her straight in to hospital, she was shaking and twitching – it was horrible to see my little girl like that.”

“They said it was sepsis and thought they would have to operate.”

“But the doctors have managed to drain all the pus from her leg and say the anti-biotic drip will do the job.”

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Jodie Thomas Source: Jodie Thomas

The diagnosis was clear: a deadly sepsis. It occurs when bacteria are brought into contact with an open wound. Even a small cut or graze on Sienna’s feet was enough for the bacteria to strike and spread relentlessly.

The little girl was forced to spend five days in the hospital and the infection was life-threatening at one point.

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Jodie Thomas Source: Jodie Thomas

“I was really shocked when the doctors said it was from trying on new shoes,” Jodie recalls.

“I’ve been worried sick, they’ve had to drain all the poison from her leg. Normally she would have socks on but it’s summer time so she was wearing sandals. The shoes she liked had been tried on by other little girls and that’s how Sienna picked up the infection.”

Luckily, doctors were able to keep the infection under control, although it certainly wasn’t easy. Sienna still needed careful monitoring and follow-ups, but she was allowed to leave the hospital.

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Jodie Thomas Source: Jodie Thomas

“I knew you risk getting things like athlete’s foot from trying on shoes but blood poisoning is far more serious,” mom said.

“You don’t know whose feet have been in the shoes before you. Sienna has been really ill, the infection was moving up her leg and spreading to the rest of her body. I’m so glad I got her to the hospital quickly.”

“With mums and dads doing back-to-school shopping I would advise them to take a spare pair of socks with them.”

Doctors are urging people to be more aware of sepsis because an early detection is absolutely crucial.

“This frightening case shows us that sepsis strikes indiscriminately and can affect anyone at any time,” Dr Ron Daniels told The Sun.

“Whenever there are signs of infection, it’s crucial that members of the public seek medical attention urgently and just ask: “Could it be sepsis?,” he added. “Better awareness could save thousands of lives every year.”

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Jodie Thomas Source: Jodie Thomas

Jodie’s message on Facebook has been shared by a couple of hundred people and she hopes that it will make people think twice before letting your kids try on a pair of shoes without socks.

“For all parents please put socks on [your] children while trying new shoes on. I’m guilty not doing it for mine and myself, but this can be the outcome infection spreading throughout the body. You don’t don’t know whos feet has been in them before hand!! Sienna has had one hell of [an] outing and thankfully and touch wood made a full recovery! Who [would’ve] thought trying new shoes on could make someone so ill. So with back to school shopping under way, carry a pair of spare socks!” she posted on her Facebook profile.

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****sorry for gross pics****For all parents please put socks on you're children while trying new shoes on. I'm guilty…

Posted by Jodie Thomas onFriday, August 24, 2018

Source: Jodie Thomas, The Sun