Woman Gives Birth To The First Surviving Septuplets In Iraq

March 8th, 2019

First-time pregnancies can be scary. We’ve all seen the depictions on TV of the pain women go through in childbirth.

But actually experiencing childbirth is a whole different story.

Now, imagine giving birth to seven children. At one time. And we’re not talking C-section, we’re talking natural birth.

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Well, a 25-year-old woman in eastern Iraq’s Diyali Province did.

This superwoman gave birth to her seven children at Al-Batul Teaching Hospital.

Can you freaking imagine?

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All went well with the delivery, according to local health department spokesperson Firas Al Izzawi.

“It was a natural birth and the 25-year-old mother was ‘perfectly healthy’ after delivering seven babies in a day,” Izzawi said.

The woman reportedly gave birth to six girls and one boy who are all in good health. Pictures of the babies ended up going viral online.

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Her birth is believed to be the first septuplet birth in the country. Having surviving septuplets anywhere in the world is actually pretty rare.

The first surviving set of septuplets were born in 1997 to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey or Des Moines, Iowa.

Some people opt to have a “selective reduction” when they are pregnant with that many babies. Bobbi wasn’t having that and said she would leave the matter “in God’s hands,” according to Unilad.

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Those babies were born nine weeks early. President Bill Clinton even call their parents to offer his congratulations and Oprah also invited them on her show.

Now those children are 21-years-old. Bobbi told TODAY in 2018 that her kids were learning to find their own way as adults.

“Since they were very young they’ve had varied interests. They still have a very close bond to one another, but they also enjoy doing things with their friends and also exploring those different activities and different classes,” she said.

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Her daughter Kelsey agreed.

“I think that we’re all becoming very independent and finding our different talents and different skill sets,” Kelsey McCaughey, the fourth-oldest of the siblings, told TODAY. “It’s cool to celebrate this different milestone.”

She said leaving each other and going off to college was a huge change for them.

“It was definitely a culture shock for sure,” Kelsey said about going off to college. “Growing up in Iowa for 18 years, we didn’t really know any different. It was a difficult transition to be away from our parents and be outside of Iowa, but I think that we all did welcome it and just really created new friendships and met new people in a new environment.”

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Source: Unilad