Baby Girl Tries Peas For The First Time And Says Hilarious First Word

February 25th, 2021

Vegetables are just something that you have to learn to like when you get older.

Kids aren’t thinking about eye health when told to eat carrots!

It’s always been an uphill battle when it comes to getting our little ones to eat their veggies.

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Eventually, we win and break through their defense (usually in the form of an airplane spoon).

One little girl shows us just how tough it was for her to stomach peas for the first time.

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These new parents are giving their baby girl her first-ever veggies in the form of baby food.

It’s a little parenting hack to start with non-sweet veggies when moving to baby food (it helps you down the road) – at least they thought it would.

Just as her dad scoops a spoonful and touches it to the baby’s lips, it’s clear she is not a fan.

It doesn’t even look like she swallows any peas.

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The parents are genuinely confused as to how she could dislike something SO fast after trying it!

Right when Dad is about to give her a third soon, something funny happens.

She screws her face up and makes a noise like sounds exactly like “I’m done”!

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Her parent’s reaction is priceless.

“Why would you get peas?” dad asks laughing.

They laugh and joke that her first words are now ‘I’m done,” just because she was refusing to eat peas.

That baby food must have pretty bad if it’s enough to motivate her to start talking at such a young age.

There are practically tears in her eyes by the end of the video.

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With a horrible taste in her mouth, the girl’s next move is to ask for some milk.

With her hands, she waves around and it’s clear she wants something else to get rid of the taste of peas!

Her mom hasn’t given up yet, however!

She asks, “Do you like them?” and the response on the girls face is quite clear – NO!

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The dedicated parents do their best for a little while longer, but eventually, they lose the battle and the video ends.

“I’m not doing this”, the defeated dad mumbled as the two finally give up.

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He didn’t want to make the poor girl any more traumatized than she already was!

The short video has garnered over 9 million views already and it’s no wonder – parents can relate!

It’s been liked and commented on and parents all over the world felt this couple’s pain.

Watch her hilarious first words in the video below!

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