Couple planned on having ‘1 more’ baby but ended up with beautiful quadruplets
Gaby and Patrick thought they were having their 4th and final child. But when they went in for an ultrasound appointment - they learned their family was about to get much, much bigger.
D.G. Sciortino

Gaby and Patrick already have one child each from previous marriages.

Together they have an almost 3-year-old son.

They decided to try for just one more. But ended up having quadruplets.


“We decided we’ll do one more. We’ll be complete with one more, with a fourth,” Patrick told KENS 5.

Bu they ended up getting their fourth, fifth, sixth, AND seventh.

“We thought we were looking at two views of the same baby and then possibly four, but the ultrasound tech was all excited, and she’s counting ‘one, two, three, oh wait, no, no, wait, there’s four,'” Gaby said.

Before having the quadruplets, Gaby originally suffered a miscarriage.

After taking some time to mourn the loss, she used fertility drugs to help her get pregnant again.

She found out she was having quadruplets at her 12-week ultrasound.

“She’s [the ultrasound tech] just ecstatic with this counting and we’re like are you counting limbs? What are we counting here?” Gaby said.

“She said, ‘Wait there’s four.’ I said four what? She said, ‘Four babies, did you know you’re having four babies?'” Patrick said.

The couple did not. They were in “complete shock.”

“It’s been certainly life-changing and a little bit scary, because we had financially planned for one more and that even took some planning and thinking about how we were going to do things,” Patrick told GMA. “It completely blew up the whole financial plan but it’s manageable. It’s just a little bit daunting at first.”

Gaby’s spent the next five months handling her “high risk” pregnancy.

“It became this beautiful group effort where everyone believed these boys could make it to that day, and we did,” Gaby told KKTV.

Gaby gave birth to four boys, Adam, Bennett, Coby, and Dane, at 34 weeks.

It can definitely get loud in the Hagler household these days.

Especially when all four boys are hungry at the same time. But mom says her boys are a blessing.

“There are moments of chaos, but it’s not what I expected,” Gaby Hagler said. “The love in this house now is tangible. The sibling love that we have been experiencing here … there’s no words for it.”

The Haglers were hoping to purchase a bigger van to take the babies, who were born prematurely, back and forth to doctors’ appointments.

A GoFundMe was set up to raise money for the van.

About $21,168 was raised in order to purchase the family a van. The campaign has since stopped taking donations.

“As I look in the rear view mirror OF OUR NEW VAN, THAT YOUR GENEROSITY MADE POSSIBLE, I see four infant car seats, a toddler seat, additional seats for the big kids plus room to spare for their bags, equipment, strollers, etc. This sight leaves me speechless with gratitude. So speechless, in fact, that (after three days of drafting-and-deleting this note) I remain at a loss for the perfect words to thank you for such an immense contribution,” Gaby wrote on the GoFundMe page.

Learn more about the Haglers beautiful story in the video below!

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