Dad stumbles upon tiny detail on teen boy’s profile that ends up saving his 15-yr-old daughter’s life
15-year-old Haylee was talking to another 15-year-old boy she had met online named Bruce. Being a concerned dad, Scott investigated the teen boys profile. All seemed well at first until he noticed it.
Sasha Alonzo

The internet is a powerful wealth of knowledge and connection.

But it can also be a very dangerous place.

Pixabay - 377053
Pixabay - 377053

Despite the endless precautions on how to safely use the Internet, there are still instances where young people get lured under the pretense of a healthy new relationship.

Most often than not, teenagers are the usual victims.

That’s why parents take extra caution in educating their children when it comes to meeting new people online.

One parent was lucky enough to check on his daughter before she becomes a victim.

Checking on his daughters

Scott Jenkins is a loving father of two adorable daughters.

He loves his daughters and he would give anything for them. His number one priority was to protect them.

Having a teen daughter isn’t easy

His daughter, Haylee, was 15 years old.

Like any other teenager of her age, she was curious about different people and she’s at the stage where she’s learning more about herself.

It’s normal for teenagers to be private about their lives.

Pixabay - nastya_gepp
Pixabay - nastya_gepp

When to interfere

They tend to focus more on their peer groups and learn about their identity.

However, how do you know when it’s time to be concerned about your child?

This is the situation Scott landed himself in.

Pixabay - Pixelkult
Pixabay - Pixelkult

Something was off

Scott’s parental instincts were telling him that it’s something he should be concerned about.

As much as he values his daughter’s privacy, he had to make routine checks on her online activities because he was starting to get concerned.

It’s okay for teenagers to be secretive and wait for them to open up to you, but his instincts were telling him that something was seriously wrong.

At first, it was pretty normal.

Pixabay - fancycrave1
Pixabay - fancycrave1

Every time he would check Hayley’s tablet there wasn’t any suspicious activity.

He did notice time gaps in messages as if some were deleted though.

Then he noticed it…

It wasn’t until 2 weeks later that he saw something that made him freeze.

He had been checking her table, not expecting anything different from the norm – but what he found chilled him to his boned.

Pixabay - Pixelkult
Pixabay - Pixelkult

Who is Bruce?

It was a photo of her daughter that was sent to a teenage boy named Bruce.

As a father, he wanted to make sure that Bruce was a good and responsible teenage boy.

Using the Internet, he was able to confirm that Bruce was indeed a 15-year-old like his daughter.

Wonder woman0731
Wonder woman0731

Older men

However, what was alarming was that his online circle of friends was not composed of teenagers but of actual grown men.

After researching these men, Scott decided to give the information to the police.

He met with the detective of the Cyber Task Force of Portage Police Department and gave them access to their devices.

After 7 months, they got a shocking call.

“Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, can you and your family please come to the police station as soon as possible?” the detective asked.

They went to the Portage Police Station and found out that what he did may have saved his daughter’s life.

Pixabay - Utility_Inc
Pixabay - Utility_Inc

Dad was right

Apparently, these grown men were trafficking young girls like Hayley.

They used Bruce as a scout to lure the girls in. It was a scary piece of information – especially considering that Hayley had been considering meeting Bruce.

Thankfully, Scott’s parental instincts kicked in just in time and he was able to save his daughter from what could have been a very tragic outcome. Scott is a great example of a father who takes his job as a parent very seriously to keep his children safe.

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