Firefighters celebrate becoming daddies at the same time with adorable photoshoot
These proud firemen are now proud fathers as well. ❤️
Caryl Jane Espiritu

Saving lives and properties from fires and related incidents is definitely a noble job. It is a duty that not everyone can do.

Pexels - Pixabay
Pexels - Pixabay

Their duty as firemen is important for the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District. They have a big responsibility to protect their community from the dangers of fire incidents.

But they also have another responsibility equally significant, and that is being the father of their children. And as it turned out, nine men from this same fire department gained this responsibility in a span of only five months.

Pexels - Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas
Pexels - Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas

What are the odds, right?

One or two men with babies arriving in the same year may be out of the ordinary but not too unusual. But for nine of them to have their babies born in the same year and not even beyond a five-month period is definitely a rare occurrence.

Between march to July of 2019, nine babies were born and all of them are children of men from the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District. All in all, seven girls and two boys were given birth in this time frame.

The proud fathers celebrated this incredible occurrence and shared their stories on Facebook.

Nine firefighters joined together and created a photo shoot with all of them bringing their little bundles of joy in their hands. The sweet photos were shared on the fire protection district’s Facebook account.

“Say hello to Rancho Cucamonga Fire’s newest little family members!” the post read.

Lindsay Shook, one of the new moms, took the adorable photos and shared them with the fire district.

“We are thrilled to see our Rancho Cucamonga Fire District family continue to grow,” she wrote.

What an adorable picture!

Seeing men fondly holding their babies up and proudly showing the world how happy they are to be fathers definitely touches the heart. It only depicts the fact that they are happy about their blessing and these kids are to have a family that is happy to have them and raise them.

The cute photos received sweet words and tons of congratulations on Facebook. People online are raving about the unusual birth date gap and the adorable way these families celebrated the arrival of their bundles of joy.

Truly, building a family takes guts.

Pexels - Josh Willink
Pexels - Josh Willink

Having your own children to raise and your relationship to build is certainly not easy. When it comes to parenting, loving more than you can even imagine and giving more than what you think you can give is part of the process.

Being a mom or a dad is not easy peasy. There will be ups and down, but what is more important is the love that remains in the hearts of each member of the family. This love turns a rather empty and cold house, into a warm and loving home.

These brave men are ready for their role as fathers.

Just as brave as they are when it comes to saving lives and properties against massive fires and untoward incidents, these men are also ready for the challenge of being dads. We wish them all happiness in this new chapter of their lives.

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