Marine’s wife holds off baby’s birth as contractions come while she waits to welcome him home
She greeted him with a sign that said "Not a drill. Baby's coming." 🥰
Randy Aragon

Members of our military make so many sacrifices to keep us free and safe, and for many of them, that sacrifice comes in the form of missing their own child’s birth.

This was the case for this Marine until his super-mom wife was able to hold off the birth of their second daughter so that he could be there for it.

He missed the first one.

So she was determined to make sure that he didn’t miss the second.

A story that’s touched millions

Katrina and Marc Wythes are a military family who went viral for their touching story.

In that story, they somehow managed to wrap up Marc’s homecoming from Afghanistan and the birth of their second daughter, all in one.

Tempting fate

When Marc and Katrina’s first child was born, Marc was unfortunately in Afghanistan and missed the birth.

So when it was time for the second child, the couple joked about their daughter coming while Mark was gone, but little did they know, their jokes would almost become a reality.

Katrina’s contractions started while Marc was in the air flying home.

At 9 months pregnant, it wasn’t really a surprise that the baby was coming.

The only problem, with Marc on an airplane headed home there was no way to tell the excited father, and no way to get him there faster.

That’s when Katrina decided to make a sign that read:

” NOT a drill, BABY’S COMING.”

Katrina and their toddler Nicolette waited for Marc, holding the sign and praying that he would make it time.

Perfect timing

YouTube - Love What Matters
YouTube - Love What Matters

Katrina was so determined for Marc to be there, that she stomached through the pain of contractions and waited.

As soon as Marc’s plane landed he knew something was up, mainly because he had tons of missed calls from Katrina.

He acted fast.

With everything going on, Marc knew that could only mean one thing and high-tailed it out of the airport pushing through the crowd while telling them his baby was coming.

YouTube - Love What Matters
YouTube - Love What Matters

Every second counted.

As Marc tried to make it to his pregnant wife before the baby came, he had no idea she was actually holding off the contractions while waiting for him to arrive.

The real question is, how long could she hold off?

YouTube - Love What Matters
YouTube - Love What Matters

They won the race.

He made it just in time to see his baby girl born.

After all the stress and anxiety of wondering whether or not he would make it, Marc was delighted to be there for the birth of his second daughter, Juliana.

The family was able to spend the next few months together, doting on their new daughter in the process.

The couple documented the whole story on YouTube, where it was picked up by bigger channels and ended up going viral. How could you not be moved by this heartwarming story?

See their homecoming vs. labor story in the video below!

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