Kindergartners honest review of mom’s sandwich after 1st day of school makes parents everywhere laugh
He held nothing back! 😂
Jaclyn Abergas

Ricki Weisberg, a mom and a publicist living in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, didn’t realize she had to make lunch for her child to take to school.

Where they lived, kindergarten was only a half-day school day so she thought he was going to have lunch at home. That wasn’t the case.

And it was already a few minutes before her son, Abe, was about to board his school bus. So she had to quickly think of a lunch idea that was easy to make and sandwiches were always a good idea.

But what kind of sandwich?

Peanut butter jelly sandwiches were out of the question since the students aren’t allowed to bring in peanuts because of allergies. Pressed for time, she thought she’ll just make him a butter and jelly sandwich.

She made it in time, handed it to Abe, and Abe went off to school.

When his school bus arrived after school, Ricki was waiting for Abe, ready to find out how school went for him.

She greeted him excitedly but was not prepared for what his son was about to tell her.

“Mommy,” Abe said. “Terrible sandwich, by the way.”

Ricki captured it all on video and found his reaction very funny.

“Thanks for letting me know,” Ricki managed to say.

And because he was still a young child at that time, around six years old, he wasn’t afraid to share his thoughts.

“Really terrible,” Abe emphasized.

Ricki thought it was a funny video and she showed it every year to her family. It became an inside joke within them until someone suggested she post it online. So she did after four years.

“I posted the video after he left for his first day of fourth grade,” Ricki Weisberg explained. “And by the time he got home that day, we were already up to nearly one million views.”

Within a few days, it had 10 million views on TikTok and 2 million views on Twitter. Even celebrities like Jennifer Garner found it hilarious and shared it on her own account.

What made the sandwich even more terrible was that the butter had already gone bad.

“It was like rancid butter and jelly sandwich,” Ricki told TODAY. “It was truly a terrible sandwich and I deserve all the roasting. I am terrible sandwich mom, that’s how it goes now.”

Ricki never regretted posting the video on her TikTok account.

Moms already feel so much pressure to be the best mom in the world and there’s no room for failure. And she knew there were so many moms out there who could relate to this video. And, judging by the views and shares the video got, she was right!

“The world needed a little laugh, I think that’s why it’s resonating,” Ricki said. “Maybe it gives folks a chance to realize that it happens to other people, too. You don’t have to be a perfect mom all the time. It’s OK.”

Watch the viral video that made people laugh so hard that they spit out their sandwich in the video below.

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