Neighbor steps in as couple’s surrogate not anticipating couple to then announce they’re also pregnant
This is one unexpected twist no one was ready for.
Ma Fatima Garcia

Life will find a way because it’s full of surprises.

Some people prioritize their careers, and some build a family, just like a couple from Cypress, Texas, who tried getting pregnant for years.

Sadly, each pregnancy test came back negative.

“I’ve always just wanted my own,” Andrea Valentine said to ABC 13. “I’ve always loved kids and knew that I wanted my own.”

Andrea always pictured taking care of a little baby that looked like her and her husband. Changing diapers, preparing baby food, and even those sleepless nights.

“I assumed children would come to me in my mid-20s,” James Valentine added.

Pexels / Nataliya Vaitkevich
Pexels / Nataliya Vaitkevich

The couple’s bond grew stronger as they faced multiple disappointments. It was a tough road for them, but they held on.

They were very patient. Andrea and James knew that someday, they would have a baby.

Soon, they were already in their 30s, and they had spent five long years trying to conceive.

At last, in the fall of 2018, James and Andrea welcomed Britton and Kinsley to the world.

But there is a twist to this beautiful story. You see, Britton and Kinsley didn’t share the same womb even though they were siblings.

The couple only had a few embryos left, and they were at a loss. Then, a miracle happened. Their friend and neighbor, Tawnee Gonzalez went to them and volunteered to be their surrogate.

“Unknown surrogates are like $10,000-20,000 and we don’t have that,” James explained. “She offered out of the kindness of her heart to be a surrogate for us for nothing.”

Tawnee and her husband saw the years of struggle and disappointments of James and Andrea, and they helped.

“James and Andrea deserved to be parents more than anyone I know so I wanted to help them,” Tawnee shared with GMA.

Soon, Tawnee was carrying Britton inside her womb.

James and Andrea were going to be parents soon, but that’s just half of the miracle.

Just days after hearing that Tawnee was carrying a healthy embryo, Andrea received an unexpected call.

“We were excited, shocked and just nervous because I miscarried so many,” Andrea recalled.

How could this be possible? She immediately phone James and told him the good news.

Andrea was carrying a baby inside her womb, and she conceived naturally. Now, that’s another miracle. Tawnee and Andrea were only eight days apart.

“She goes, I think the first thing she said to me was, ‘I’m pregnant,’ and I said, ‘Say again,’” James recalled smiling.

That’s how their little girl, Kinsley, entered James and Andrea’s lives. Both Tawnee, the surrogate, and Andrea, the biological mom, became pregnant at the same time.

That summer, both women learned Tawnee was carrying a boy and Andrea a girl!

YouTube Screenshot / Andrea Valentine / GMA
YouTube Screenshot / Andrea Valentine / GMA

They rushed Tawnee to the hospital because of preeclampsia. They induced her last October 19 and Britton was born.

Kinsley was born on November 12, and everyone couldn’t be happier.

Watch the news feature below and you can also check Andrea’s Facebook post here.

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