Dad retaliates when trolls mock his little girl with down syndrome for eating birthday cake
Dad was filled with so much rage after reading what the online bullies had to say.
Ma Fatima Garcia

Bullies are everywhere, and these people don’t care if you’re an adult or a baby.

Social media has given us so many benefits, but it has also become a way for bullies to spread their anger, resentment, and hate.

Life is beautiful, but some people hold on to anger and hate. It’s as if their goal is to spread this negativity.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to create a fake profile.

Using these troll accounts, bullies can say whatever they want to whoever they want – even to a beautiful little girl who’s celebrating her birthday.

Scott Gavin from Kirby, England couldn’t be more excited to celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

He wanted the birthday party to be memorable and special; a party fit for his Princess Meggy Moo.

Two days before her first birthday last 2019, Scott prepared a colorful smash cake for Megan.

Oh, look at the happiness on Megan’s face when she saw her cake.

It was so colorful and beautiful. Everyone laughed as the adorable little girl tasted the sweet cake.

She would even look at her dad and smile.

Meggy Moo will effortlessly make you fall in love with her. She’s a darling, and Scott’s post was filled with sweet birthday greetings for the tiny princess.

Then, a troll posted a mean and heartless comment on Scott’s post.

“Kids in Africa starving and you’re wasting cake on a child too retarded to even know what it is,” the troll said.

It infuriated the people who read the comment!

Who wouldn’t be angry with this comment? This person was just full of hate and anger that they would create an account to ruin a little girl’s birthday.

Scott was so angry after reading the said comment.

“My shock went straight to anger. Obviously, I wanted to go and find these people,” Scott said in his interview with Metro.

He took some time off and sat down.

We could only imagine how Scott felt that day. He felt hurt and angry, and he wanted to find that troll.

After a few hours, he calmed down and had an idea.

He won’t let a person who’s living in hate and anger ruin Meggy Moo’s birthday.

Soon, he found a clever way to “educate uneducated people,” and his way was brilliant.

“I’m going to share the love and I’ll do that by sharing pictures of Megan,” the loving father said.

Aside from sharing Meggy Moo’s photos, Scott also has another advocacy.

In 2017, the father of six won £26,000 on the Great British Benefit Handout television show.

He used his price to establish a business he named Party Central Entertainments, a home zoo.

Scott and his family would often show beautiful and exotic animals to children with special needs.

Their smile and amazement fill his heart with so much love.

He knows that the troll who left that comment is not alone. There are others out there.

Many people will be mean and will say hurtful words, but Scott did the opposite.

In his own little way, Scott wants to impart knowledge, awareness, and love.

Watch Meggy Moo’s adorable smash cake below and follow them here.

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