Identical twins give birth to sons just hours apart in the same hospital
Amazingly, those weren't the only similarities either.
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Jill Justiniani and Erin Cheplak are identical twins that grew up doing everything together.

They played together, ate together, went to school together, and even had their own special language.

So, it’s only fitting that they both gave birth to sons on the same day, just hours apart at the same hospital.

YouTube - Good Morning America
YouTube - Good Morning America

Their sons also weighed 7 lbs. and 3 oz. and were both 20 inches long.

“It just feels like it was supposed to be,” Justiniani told People. “It is a little surprising because what are the odds? But it’s like, of course, this would happen to us.”

The sisters always talked about getting pregnant at the same time.

But they never imagined they would give birth on the same day.

Cheplak said she was overjoyed when she got the news that her sister was pregnant with her first baby.

“I screamed and woke up my husband,” Cheplak told ABC News. “It was such an exciting time.”

Cheplak learned that she was pregnant a week later.

“Sharing our pregnancy together was really special because we really had the support of each other through every step of the process,” Justiniani told GMA. “Even just going through the day-to-day changes of pregnancy, all of the unknowns and the questions and the natural worries that come up, we were constantly able to check in with each other and support each other.”

Unsplash - Madhuri Mohite
Unsplash - Madhuri Mohite

As their pregnancies went on, they would joke about having their sons on the same day.

But they didn’t think that would actually happen since Justiniani was scheduled for a C-section on May 5 and Cheplak was set to be induced on May 15.

Cheplak said she started to have a strange feeling in her stomach on May 5 and thought she was just feeling nervous for her sister who was having her baby that day.

But that’s not what happened.

“I called my husband and was like, ‘I’m not joking. I think my water just broke,'” Cheplak said. “I called labor and delivery … and then my next phone call was to Jill and I said, ‘Okay, this isn’t a joke. I’m pretty sure my water just broke.'”

YouTube - Good Morning America
YouTube - Good Morning America

Both sisters had their babies in the same hospital. Their husbands were going back and forth between delivery rooms while Cheplak was far enough along to push and Justiniani’s C-Section occurred.

“Part of me was thinking, ‘What are the odds of this? I can’t believe this is happening,’ but there was also a sense of calm about it because it was like of course this is happening,” said Justiniani. “We’ve just been so close and so inseparable, it made complete sense in a very odd way.”

Justiniani gave birth to her son, Oliver, at 6:39 p.m. and Cheplak delivered her son, Silas, at 11:31 p.m.

They stayed in rooms across from each other until they were both discharged two days later.

“Our husbands were able to wheel us out at the same time,” said Justiniani. “All the nurses were saying, ‘Usually it’s one mom with two twin babies, and now it’s twin moms with a baby each.'”

The two sisters, who are both occupational therapists, are raising their children in homes just five minutes away from each other.

“I think that’s another thing that naturally brought us closer together,” Cheplak said. “I think God had the perfect plan of Jill and I being identical twins and really leaning on each other.”

Learn more about their incredible story in the video below!

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